Essential Student Information

Academic and Student Support Services

Ellis University has a core value of helping students fulfill their educational objectives by offering degree programs with a high degree of quality and in a manner that allows students to achieve the learning outcomes of their courses and programs of study. The institution provides seven vital support areas: Office of Academic Advising (registration services, early identification of at- risk students, curriculum planning, goal setting, and time management) , Office of the Registrar ( program mapping, degree requirements, policies and procedures, and general university services); Library Services; Office of Student Services (grievance adjudication, career development and alumni relations); Office of Academic Operations (bookstore and academic resource center); Student Help Desk (technical support); and Student Life via the Campus Community.

Office of Academic Advising

Upon entering Ellis University, each student completes orientation and is assigned an academic advisor who will provide information regarding courses of study, program requirements, services and policies. Academic advisors help in the development of meaningful educational plans, including advising students on course selections consistent with their educational plan. Academic advisors assist faculty with outreach to at-risk students by tracking students who are not achieving a passing grade at the mid-point of their course and by helping students work on skills in time management, managing team assignments and study technique. Academic advisors are available via telephone and email for any questions or concerns regarding Ellis University, its courses or services.

Academic Resource Center

The Academic Resource Center provides writing assistance, web links, videos of writers discussing the writing process, and animations providing guidance about beginning and completing essays; drafting arguments; and active reading (among others). Additionally, there are resources devoted to web research, using and documenting references; avoiding plagiarism; style, mechanics, and grammar (including tips on drafting concise sentences and coherent paragraphs); and a math module.

Office of Career Development

The Office of Career Development provides career coaching and assessment, interviewing skills and resume building resources, networking, company profiles and salary information.


The Ellis University Library includes an extensive collection of online journals, full- text databases, resources, tools, and practical guides – all available through the Ellis University website. These resources provide immediate access to up-to-date information that supports instruction, class participation and online discussion.


All new students must complete the new student orientation process. This is a tool that prepares our new students by familiarizing them with our Learning Management System (LMS), academic and other important institutional policies, and learning and other support resources. 

The new student orientation is designed to engage students intensively through the use of video clips, PowerPoint and interactive Flash videos. Its content addresses in a comprehensive manner the nature of online learning at the University, articulates specific expectations the University has for its student body, and identifies skills and habits that will help the University’s students to flourish academically.
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